European Skin Care, McLean VA



European Skin Care uses soft waxes to gently remove unwanted facial and body hair.
Our wax is made of resin from Portugal and extracted in the purest tradition. Best ever for all skin types especially sensitive and very sensitive.
We recommend not taking a shower 8 hours before waxing and 24 hours after waxing before exposing yourself to the sun, tanning bed, swimming pool and hot tub. We can not do waxing services if you are taking Accutane, Antibiotics, using Retin-A or any product with Retin-A or Alpha Hydroxy products.

Full Leg with Bikini line $95.00
Full Leg no Bikini $80.00
Upper Leg with Bikini $65.00
Upper Leg no Bikini $55.00
Lower Leg $45.00
Lower leg with toes and feet top $55.00
Bikini Line $30.00 & up
Full Arm $55.00
Half Arm $35.00
Under Arm $25.00
Face $50.00
Eyebrows Shaping $25.00
Lip $15.00 each
Chin $15.00 each
Eyebrows Tweeze $25.00
Eyebrows and Lip $35.00
Shoulders $40.00
Full Back $68.00